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    You love music, but do not know where to start when choosing a home audio system. Or, you may have an existing system, but it’s not performing to your expectations. Call or click to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

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    Kelowna: Home Audio Systems, Consultation and Installation

    There’s nothing like good music to immediately perk you up on a particularly dull day, or to calm you down when things get hectic. But sometimes, playing good music with good sound quality takes too much effort.

    Aside from multiple settings and configurations to figure out, it’s not like you can carry those large speakers around with you in your home. As much as you’d want to set up Hi-Fi systems in every part of your house so you can enjoy good music at any time of the day, it’s just not practical.

    Therefore, the introduction of various automated audio and sound systems is definitely a godsend.You get to enjoy great sound in any part of your home, and control the audio volume and quality remotely with just an app and a smartphone.

    That is, of course, on the premise that you have an excellent home audio system that has been properly installed.

    A Home Audio System Perfectly in Tune to Your Needs

    The main issue often encountered in home audio systems, is poor sound quality. Sure, they are convenient and easy to operate, but when the quality of the audio or sound is less than stellar, you will still feel like you got the short end of the stick.

    Poor audio quality often arises from two culprits: under-performing quality of the home audio components in use, and incorrect installation of the system.

    Mission Install will save you all that trouble when you get our home audio installation service, which also comes with home audio servicing as an after-sale support. Being in the industry for many years gave us in-depth knowledge on the home audio market, as well as making us expert home audio installers.

    If you call us today, you can get a free consultation with our experts and we are happy to leave you with a quotation based on your needs and budget. Call us now to book your consultation.

    Our Home Audio Systems Service

    Enjoying good audio in your home should not be an ordeal, and that’s what Mission Install wants to prove with our home audio system service, which covers choosing the best home audio components for you to installing them in your home.

    What can you expect from our service?

    • Built-in Audio System or Retro-fitted Into Your Home

    If you want to integrate a home audio system into your house while it is still under construction, we can bring in the components and build them into the framework. In the case of already constructed houses, we can retrofit the components in such a way that they won’t get in the way of the original structural design of your home.

    • High Quality Audio Products

    We know what you want: an audio system that sounds great and, at the same time, very easy to use. With that in mind, rest assured that we will not sell you anything less than high quality audio products that produce great sound, so you can fully enjoy your favorite music wherever you are inside your house.

    • Fully operational Home Audio System

    Setting up wireless speakers throughout your home is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Our service ensures that every aspect of the home audio system is working perfectly, as they should. Connectivity issues should not be the reason for some functions of your audio system not to work. Thus, we will ensure that connectivity, including voice controls, are fully operational.

    • Integration with Other Smart Home Technologies

    If your home is equipped with a lighting system or even a security system, we can make it so that the features of your home audio can also be utilized for their operation. This synergy is bound to increase efficiency and generally make your life easier and definitely better.

    Our Home Audio Systems Consultation Process

    Mission Install’s consultations are provided for free to anyone that gives us a call, with the intention of seeking advice on home audio systems.

    We have in-house experts on home audio who are willing to visit you at your homes to conduct an initial assessment. Their evaluation will reveal whether or not a home audio installation is feasible in your house and, if it is, what system package would suit you best. You can rely on our team to make the best recommendations depending on your specifications and preferences.

    A quotation will also be provided, and if you are in agreement with the proposed home audio package and the estimate, we can move on to the next step, which is the installation of the home audio system.

    Our Home Audio Systems Installation Process

    You won’t have to wait for ages before you can start enjoying topnotch audio in your home.

    Setting Up

    We will have you pick the most convenient day for the installation, because we’d prefer that you be present when we set up the audio system in your home.

    The installers will set up the home audio items previously agreed upon during the assessment and consultation.


    The most logical way to figure out if everything went well in the installation is to test the different features. That is why we make it a point to do a test run on the system and check if each of the items are working, individually and as part of the entire system. This way, we will also be able to catch any potential audio problems that may arise in the future, and correct them early on.


    Your presence is very important because, after we have tested the system, it is your turn to learn how to operate it. You will go through a crash course on how your new home audio system works, as well as its other features and functions.

    At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to easily navigate your way around the system and control it as you will. Only after you have mastered it is when we’ll feel comfortable enough to wrap things up and leave.

    What Comes After

    Afraid that you’d be at a loss once we are gone and you seem to be having trouble working your system? Don’t be. Mission Install’s got your back.

    Our service includes home audio servicing, which means you can call our support staff any time to ask for assistance regarding your newly installed home audio system.

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