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    Home Automation Systems

    You have or are considering a home automation system. You may not know where to start. Or, you may have an existing system, but it’s not performing to your expectations. Give us a call or click below to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

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    Setting up a home automation system can be a bit of an uphill task. Everybody wants a smart home, but nobody wants to deal with the trouble that comes with choosing and installing home automation systems.

    Many homeowners have purchased home automation systems that are difficult to set up and sometimes even more difficult to use. Not to mention the disappointment after finding that some of the systems are not as good as advertised.

    Get Home Automation Systems that Work For You

    Don’t we all need a home automation system that we can rely on to add convenience to our busy lives? More importantly, shouldn’t all home automation systems offer that?

    Sadly, this is not always the case.

    Take home thermostats for example. Studies have shown that 85% of all programmable home thermostats are either poorly programmed, or not programmed at all.

    This means that 17 out of every 20 smart homes with programmable thermostats are not getting the full value for their money.

    After buying a home automation system, the process of controlling climate, lighting, entertainment and alarm systems should be a walk in the park. A smart home should be customizable so that the system can automatically make most of the routine changes. However, that will only happen if you have installed the right system, the right way.

    That’s where Mission Install comes in.

    With years of experience under our belt, we will take your hand and guide you every step of the way as you choose and install a home automation system for your home.

    That’s not all. We will not leave your home until you have understood how the new system works and how you can use it to make your life more comfortable. We will also be available on the phone if you ever need to talk to us about anything.

    With our systems, you will be able to remotely control your homes appliances, lighting entertainment and even alarm systems. Access control will become much easier. Drop us a line and we’ll tell you how you can make this a reality in your home.

    Our Home Automation Systems Installation Process

    Here is our simple three step process for installing home automation systems.

    1. Free Consultation

    When you call us, we will schedule a free in-house consultation where we will visit your home and assess your needs to identify the best home automation system for your needs. We will discuss your options with you and come up with a quote for a system that will check all your boxes.

    If you are happy with the quotation, you can then give us the nod and we will schedule installation on a day that is convenient for you.

    2. Installation

    On installation day, our installers will show up with the components and they will set up everything in line with the package that you picked. The components are installed carefully to ensure that your house does not suffer any damage.

    As much as we want to be sure that everything works as it should, we are also keen to ensure that everything looks good. We will consider the functionality as well as the visual appeal when installing the different components.

    3. Testing and Training

    Once the system has been installed, we will test everything to ensure that there are no problems before giving you a tutorial on how everything works and how you can use the different controls to achieve your desired result.

    In the tutorial, we will walk you through the different features of the system and how you can use them to make your life easier and more comfortable.We will also answer any questions that you might have about the various components in the system.

    Finally, to make sure that you have fully understood how the system works, we will ask you to use it in our presence before we leave.

    Benefits of our Home Automation Service

    • Experience

    We have many years in this industry, so you don’t have to worry about picking the right products. We already know what works and what doesn’t.

    • Tailor Made Solution

    We know that no two homes are similar when it comes to home automation and that is why we will make sure that we give you something tailored for your needs. You won’t spend a dime on anything you don’t need.

    • After-Sale Support

    We will give you a tutorial after installation to ensure that you fully understand the working of the system and if you ever encounter any problem in future as you use the system, we will always be one call away.Never stay stuck with a problem.

    • Speed

    With a simple three-step process, we will get your home automation system up and running in no time.Our tools, experience and manpower needed will ensure that you get nothing but the very best with absolutely no delays.

    • Don’t Get Up

    Once the system is set up, you will be able to control everything from the comfort of your couch. Just a few swipes on your smartphone and you get just what you need.

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