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    Home TV Installation

    TV Mounting & Set-up

    You need to mount and set-up TV. You may need to move existing TVs to a new location. It can be a real hassle. If you would prefer to let an expert take care of it for you, give us a call or click to arrange a free quotation.

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    Kelowna: Home TV Installation, Mounting and Setup

    To say that the latest TV models are intimidating is an understatement. Gone are the days when the television in your living room was just a box with moving pictures and sound where you could watch a show or a movie on. These days, it seems like you can do just about anything and everything with a television.

    But, of course, not just any TV. If you want to get the full scale of new technology that modern TVs have to offer, you have to make sure you get your hands on a Smart TV.

    Thoughtful TV Installation for Your Viewing Pleasure

    If the very thought of having a modern high-tech TV system is already daunting by itself, then imagine having to install, mount and set up the whole thing yourself. That’s bound to add even more to your stress levels.

    Not only will you have to sit down and learn how to operate the TV, you first have to make sure that it is home TV installation is done properly, which means wires and cables to deal with, connections to figure out, and not to mention the task we all love to hate – TV wall mount installation.

    The whole TV setup process is a lot of trouble just thinking about it. And it’s bound to take up a lot of your time, too, especially if you end up having to do trial-and-error until you get it right.

    Spare yourself the headache and look for professional installers who will do the home TV installation job for you. It’ll be faster and neater, and there will be less room for errors in the setup process.

    Mission Install will give you the complete solution: help you find the TV that is perfect for you, design the perfect setup for your home, handle the entire TV installation process, and even provide technical support after.

    Get started on your quest to have the perfect home entertainment system in your home. Call us today and get a free consultation and quotation on our service!

    Our TV Installation Service

    Having a new TV in your home does not have to be complicated and stressful. Mission Install will prove that with our service.

    • Prime Choice of Equipment

    Shopping for a television requires a lot of thought and research, and doing all that takes a lot of time, which you don’t have. As a result, you’d end up buying the first thing you see on a catalog within your budget, or what people around you recommend. But you should realize that what works for them will not necessarily work for you. You may have unique preferences in your TV that they don’t.

    The result? You will end up dissatisfied with a TV unit that you spent so much money on.

    This doesn’t have to be the case. Through consultations with our team, you can identify your specific TV needs preferences and use that to find the brand, model and make that ticks all those boxes. This way, you won’t find yourself watching standard definition content on a 4K TV.

    • Fool-proof TV mounting

    Many people are downright terrified of the idea of mounting a TV themselves. What if it falls off? What if the mount isn’t strong enough?  The potential of doing something wrong, causing an accident and eventually wasting a lot of money on damaged equipment is just too high, especially for people who do not have the experience of mounting a TV before.

    It could also be that you don’t really need a new TV.Maybe you simply want to move it to another part of your house, or to another house entirely.Uninstalling the TV from its old spot also requires a lot of caution, and yet another reason to call in the professionals to do it.

    Our installers have been mounting and installing TV systems for years, they are practically experts at it. Our TV mounting service will give you access to these experts, armed with all the necessary tools to ensure that your TV is mounted perfectly in no time.

    • Technical Support

    Home TV servicing is part of our TV installation service. You may have questions about the installation of your new TV, or anything related to its operation. Our technical support team is available at all times to help you out. All you need to do is to give us a call.

    Our TV Installation Consultation Process

    From the get go, our objective is to make the home TV installation process as fuss-free and smooth as possible. You don’t even have to go through hoops to get a consultation about the service you are looking for. With just a single phone call, we can schedule the best day and time for the consultation and TV install.

    We will pay you a visit at your home to check things out and, based on the results of our assessment, come up with a package that we think fits your requirements best. We will also provide a quotation so you can make your decision better.

    Once we have reached an agreement, we will ask you to pick the date when we will come over to install your home TV.

    Our Home TV Systems Installation Process

    Installing and uninstalling your TV can seem like a complex process, but not to worry, you don’t have to lift a finger, because Mission Install will do the heavy lifting for you.

    Setting Up

    We have all the right tools and technical know-how to mount and install your TV, in the exact spot to give you the best viewing experience. If your TV is part of a larger system, say a Home Theatre or a commercial display, we will also take that into consideration. Rest assured that we will do a seamless and flawless job.


    Testing will be done in order to ascertain that the TV has been set up properly. Our team will perform the testing procedures immediately after the home TV installation is done.


    While operating a TV is not exactly rocket science, its common to find users having trouble grasping it right away especially for the newer high-tech devices. That’s why there is a need to conduct a hands-on tutorial, so we can familiarize you with the new control interface.

    After the tutorial, you will be confident enough to operate the unit and even do some minor troubleshooting in case there are issues. Of course, you still have the option to call us for help at any time.

    What Comes After

    We have a dedicated team of experts to accommodate any questions you may have with the unit, particularly on its installation. They are on stand-by at all times to provide assistance, so feel free to make that call.

    There are a lot of things to worry over, and setting up a Home TV system in your house shouldn’t be one of them. From Smart TV mounting and installation to the large and bulky curved HD television setup, let Mission Install take care of that for you.

    A free consultation awaits you if you give us a call today!

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